Is it possible to bulk export images?

I’d like to export all the images of a listing at once. Is that possible?
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There’s currently no command for that available.
However, maybe one of these techniques already work for you:

A: You drag the images from GarageSale’s Editor to your Desktop (or any other location in the Finder).

B: You export the listing using the Export command from GarageSale’s File menu. If done, right-click on the exported listing in the Finder and select “Show package content”. You have then access to a folder that contains all listing images.

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Excellent Kristian, that works for me. It saves a lot of time when listings on eBay need to be replicated on other marketplaces :slight_smile: Thank You!

Out of curiosity, what other market places do you use?

Just the local online markets. In Holland it’s Marktplaats (owned by eBay), in Germany eBay Kleinanzeigen, in the US Etsy, etc. De common drawback of all these markets is that there are no proper offline tools like GS that easily interface, so it’s a pain every time to list an item (start allover again online with every listing). The few tools that I know of are outdated. Opportunity for GS?

I move to a desktop folder and then post the pictures into etsy. I do a couple, not more than 3-4 a month. Etsy complains that the pictures are not large enough. Does GS change the size of the pictures using this method.

I just tried it here and moved a picture from Editor mode to the desktop. The size of the “exported” image was untouched.

Hope this helps,

Unfortunately the eBay owned classified sites only open their APIs for very bug merchants, because they also rely on the web ads shown during the listing process.

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