Is there a way to add an auction to Facebook marketplace

Ive been seeing ebay auctions pop up on Facebook Marketplace very often. I found that there is a way to link my eBay account to facebook in ebay’s 3rd party authorizations.
I was trying to figure out how a published auction can be shared to FB Marketplace and it looks like it can be done only when you publish your auction on the eBay site. Does GS have a feature to do this?

Sorry, GarageSale is strictly eBay. But there are a number of services that automatically synchronize listings between platforms. I’ve seen ads for one called AuctionSpyder in my feets recently, if I recall correctly.

GarageSale can assist you to manually export items to MarketPlace, such as items that are not selling on eBay and / or item not suitable for eBay such as large items requiring pickup.

Marketplace’s listing form requires you to type content or paste in.

You can save some Applescripts on your Desktop to preform actions when double clicked. One can copy the selected GS listing’s title to the clipboard which you then paste into Marketplace’s form. Another Applescript can copy the selected listing’s description to the clip for pasting into Facebook. The description is in HTML format so you need parse out any HTML.

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