Is there some way to maintain the order listings show in the smart groups

Is there some way to maintain the order listings show in the smart groups? Every time listing GS auto relists the order is scrambled in the folder.

This first picture is before autorelisting this is after they are relisted

From the screenshot, it doesn’t look like the folder is a smart group (no control knobs in the folder icon).

I assume it’s the folder where your relisted listing go?

No, I am wrong. It is a standard folder, NOT a smart group.

Yes. This is a problem that others have pointed out. So far there has been no word on a fix for it. It is avery annoying issue and I waste a lot of time having to reorder multiple folders full listings for this very reason.

Have you tried the sort option in the context menu: 15

That works for some folders, but not for all. In many of them, we have them sorted by dates and other factors, and sorting by title messes that up. Such as this folder, where we have Fractional Currency that came in Five Issues and Five Denominations, with it further subdivided by variety and grade. We had it sorted by Issue > Denomination > Variety > Grade, but that often gets messed with on relisted items. Sorting by Title we end up with this mess instead…

I don’t need to sort them, they just need to stay in the order I have them in so I can monitor inventory and price. When they keep moving around it is difficult and every 5 days when the listing is relisted I have to put them back in order. oh, BTW I cant get the menu to show like your screen shot.

Right click ON the FOLDER and you will see that menu come up.


A turn off sorting option for this a group would be handy.

This might/should be Fixed in GarageSale Version 7.0.14b1 (829).

This version has solved my re-ordering when re-listing problem.

I dowloaded that version. We will see in a few days when a batch relists.

So far so good! The listings have so far kept their order! 7.0.14b1 is the BEST improvement ever!. Thanks ilja

75 listings have re-listed and have maintained their order perfectly. :grinning: Best improvement ever. thanks again.

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