Issues and feature requests

I just switched over to GarageSale 7.0.13 from 6.9.8. I know it was a long time in coming, but here I am. After working with it for a week, I’m noting some feature requests, and some things that I feel just aren’t working right. Listing in one thread here.

1.) Spinning ball happens a lot! - I was also plagued with this in 6.9.8 and hoped it would go away in an upgrade. I have plenty of memory etc. It seems to happen most often when I drag and drop, or scroll through sidebars. It is really time consuming, and prevents efficient workflow.

2.) Photos in column 3

  • Sometimes the drag option will not work when re-ordering. It simply will not drag and re-order.
  • I also find that this column is way too small. I liked it front and center up above my auction description much better. If it must be on the right, can it please have an option to expand the column like the far left auction column?
  • Right click - when I shift click I can highlight all photos, but when I then control -click i.e. to rotate all chosen photos to rotate right, it de-selects and I can only rotate right one photo at a time. Not very efficient,

3.) Title search in orders not available - Already addressed in another thread. It’s not working Ilja says this will be addressed

4.) Colored icons in auction table - Already addressed in another thread. I would like to see a return of highlighted tab and title. It really does speed up workflow and helps those of us with older eyes.

5.) Right click option feature request - I would like to see a right click or menu option to “Move to” files to folders. i.e. Highlight 10 items to move to my March listing folder.

Thanks for listening.


I agree. The image thumbnails were laid out horizontally, just like the eBay listing window images. The image list editing icons (+, -, Gallery Image) were near the first few image thumbnails.

Now, in Editor Mode, the most important photos are at the top, including the Gallery image. Everything at the bottom of the window, including the image editing icons, is a long ways to move the mouse and are just “too far out of the way”…

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