Issues with new categories in clothing

Anyone else having issues with listing vintage clothing?

As of May 1st ebay changed the category structure in vintage clothing. Categories have been merged and some no longer exist. I run 30 day sales, best offer. I just returned from vacation and many of my listings died out. I went to relist items and I got a prompt that the category doesn’t exist and to choose another. I’ve had to manually go through every listing and find the new category and item specifics. A real pain as I list a great deal of vintage clothing.

I’m not faulting Garage Sale or the developers in this situation. But I do wonder how it was handled if not using a third party software. Did ebay just automatically merge expiring or renewing listings into the new category? Could GarageSale handle it that way in the future? I’ve asked some folks who list from ebays site and they haven’t had an issue. I’m guessing they did just auto merge into the new categories.

Here’s the link to the category changes:

Sorry to hear that the category change resulted in so much trouble for you.

eBay provides a way for third-party clients to semi-automatically update listing after their category were changed, GarageSale just doesn’t support it yet.

We’ll take a close look how to best handle these situations in the future, once we have GarageSale 7 out of the door.

Thanks for the reply. This has resulted in a real ordeal for me. 300 plus vintage clothing listings I have had to change. I thought maybe there was a work around but there is not. i.e. if I relist from ebay, how ebay handles the new categories is to auto merge them into the new ones. Also, the old item specifics are highlighted to delete and the new ones are shown. As an experiment I relisted several items from ebay with the new categories. Then I opened garage sale and when the live listing appeared in “Imported from My ebay” I dragged it to the template. Unfortunately, it did not update to the new category from the live listing. Instead, it reverted to a completely different clothing category. I did this several times and each time it failed. I had to re choose what I did on ebay in Garagesale and revise so they match. So no work around here.

Again, this is a real hassle. This kind of thing makes me question why I am using a 3rd party software when GS can’t handle the changes. It’s slowed down my productivity and sales. If you say that ebay does provide third party clients to semi auto update the listings after category change, but you don’t support it yet…I would hope you would look at this sooner than later. I surely can’t be the only one using GS that is experiencing this. Thanks!