Item categories all unknown


since one week all the categories I set up in my GS listings are indicated as unknown. When I list my items on ebay, they appears on ebay again as previously set up. The problem is: I have no possibility to check the categories before list my items, if I want to change them for example. And when I try to change them, this is like I never set them up…

I uploaded the last released with no changes.

Thank you for your help !

It seems that your eBay category data is out-dated and needs to be updated.

Please give this a try:

  1. Open the GarageSale preferences > Accounts. Click on “Refresh Token” to refresh your eBay access token.
  2. If done, select one of the listings in question and open the category browser. In that browser click on the sprocket (gear) icon to update the category data.

Regards, Kristian

Hello Kristian,

I did 1 + 2 and this is working again ! Thank you for your quick help.