Item Condition not being Revised

For some reason, many of my listings are showing a condition of “Like New”. To try the fix the problem, I set the value in GarageSale to “Do Not Use” and then used the Revise Listing command. The check box for ‘Condition’ is checked. After updating, the item remains unchanged. Then using the eBay site, I revised an item to the equivalent of Do Not Use and the item reflected the change by showing — for the condition. That is what I wanted, but I am unable to do this within GarageSale. I have 1,000 of listings that need the ‘Like New’ condition eliminated.

What category are your listings in?

This version should allow you to remove the ‘Condition’ field (aka set it to ‘Do not use’) from a running list with the Revise command:

Removing a field from a listing with the eBay API is a special case for each attribute, that wasn’t coded for the Condition in GarageSale up to this point.

Please double check your modified code for the condition field. Downloaded 8.3.4.rc1 - tried it and it did not work. Went to eBay directly and changed it there and it did work.

In my tests it did the correct remove the condition field from the listing. Maybe there’s some dependency on the category you are using? :thinking:

Using Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop>Sports Trading Cards>Baseball Cards. Why would it make a difference if I can change it using the revise listing feature for an item in eBay but not GS? This category is one of the promotional categories for Anchor Stores with Managed Payments - entitles you to 75,000 additional listings in this category. Having 30,000+ items in GS, I am unsure if the same issue is in other categories. Can only tell if you look at a live listing.

It is working. I am not sure why I was having the problem, but it seem to work now. The condition field for the items I looked at were blank and apparently set the condition to ‘Like New’. When I changed it to ‘Do not use’ it works fine. Sorry for the confusion.

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