"Item Location" shows wrong city

“Item Location” in both GarageSale and eBay is showing the wrong city.
I have checked GarageSale Preferences - this shows my correct address.
I have checked eBay - all my profile addresses are correct.

Where is GarageSale getting the wrong “Item Location” from? and how do I change it?

How far off is it? I believe eBay only does approximate locations. Our town is not listed, just our regional capital. That’s eBay’s setup.

Don’t worry about eBay itself - this is the “Item Location” in GS, which is uploaded into eBay, I think.

I’ve done some more investigation.
“Create New Listing” works correctly - my correct town is shown in GS.
“Duplicate Listing” copies the incorrect town from existing listings in GS.

So my question is actually different - how do I change/edit “Item Location” in existing GS listings?
(My eBay sales are mostly identical, so I always Duplicate Listing and make small changes to create a new sale). I can edit all fields except “Item Location”.

Just “click” on the “location” and you should get a popup that allows you to change it. See photo below.


OK, fixed it.
The Advanced Tab allows me to edit the eBay site and Item Location, as folks have pointed out. However, this change is then not shown in the Listing template. It looks as if no change has taken place.

BUT - if I now Duplicate this listing, the Item Location is correct in the new listing template.

This is good enough for me. Closed.

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