Item relisted 7 times

I relisted an item and it’s uploaded 7 time with different currencies and in different languages! Never happened before. I recently relisted over 1000 items with no problem. Any idea whats going on?


maybe you have to ask eBay in this specific case when and how the items were re-/listed. I can not imagine a case where GarageSale automatically changes the currency to different values and relist them afterwards.

Do you have those listings in your GarageSale database? Or is there just one listing?


@miamiwax I am quite sure it depends on webinterpet, did you check it?

i have only one gs listing and its in english

Yes I think you are right. Deceitful company. I have asked many times and they never close my account for over a year. I just saw they refreshed access tokens without me knowing and listed these items on different sites! Handiling now with ebay. Thanks for the heads up.

**Does not seem to be a GS related issue, thanks tho…

Welcome. After one year I finally convinced them to delete my account. You have to phone them and insist. As I reported time ago in the forum, Webinterpet only gives troubles, especially if you use a third party app like GS. You can somehow limit damages by working over webinterpet website under preference disabling all sites where your listing are published. This way, it should stop to publish and terribly translate your listings…

I was going to say Webinterpet but I couldn’t remember the name. They messed me up and got duplicates strikes on my account and some issue with shipping. A poorly run service that didn’t work out all the bugs before they went public.

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