Item Sold, But Email Isn't Being Sent to Us to Inform of Sale

This is the second time this has happened with a sale.

An item sold on Thursday, but the email notification sent from eBay did not get sent. They said it must be something to to do with Garage Sale. Please see her message below. I have double checked our setting in eBay and Garage Sale, and the email settings are correct.

The listing does appear as sold on Garage Sale, and eBay.

Is this something that has been happening to anyone else?


I wouldn’t rely on e-mails for making sure that I don’t miss an e-mail, as they can easily get lost or or filtered out as spam by your e-mail client or mail provider. Rather check the orders sections in GarageSale or My eBay for new sales.

Also, it’s impossible that GarageSale can influence whether or not eBay will send you e-mail. From the message screenshots it sounds like the eBay support rep mistook GarageSale for an actual physical garagesale in your street.

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Guys, this is the ever best idiocy I have ever heard from ebay customer service :joy::joy: … “sold in the garage sale” :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Anyway @Gongs-Unlimited if I might give you an advice, apart giving up with the eBay customer service (it’s one of the most useless thing in the world wide web), did you check if the order appears under My eBay>orders section of eBay site?

P.S. Please note that Jamaica thank you for the business… although it had been sold in the “third site”!!.. a pearl of wisdom…

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