Item Specifics Custom Details Drop Down Menus GONE

I don’t know what happened. My internet works. I haven’t changed my eBay password. I refreshed my token and re-downloaded the categories.

Hi fonky,

is the menu really “gone” or is it just “empty”?
If so, what eBay site and what category do you have selected?

Please let us know which version of GarageSale you have installed. (Just select ‘About GarageSale’ from the ‘GarageSale’ menu in GarageSale.)

Regards, Kristian

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USA eBay site. Records is the category. In my master template are my settings of course, but if I want to change “rock” to “r&b” that drop down menu is not there any more. There is a box around the detail category itself, like “genre” where I can change that detail. Before, Genre is just a normal detail, and then to the right is the drop down menu with all the choices. Now, the drop down produces no choices. GS 7.0.9. And, this was working fine until I upgraded to High Sierra.

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I am a record dealer with the same problem. My recent upgrade to 7.0.9 has been nearly flawlessly until this problem surfaced and you know how important item specifics is to getting picked up by eBay’s Cassini search engine. Similar to the above problem, if GENRE was in my original listing imported from GS6, then GENRE appears in the converted GS7 listing attributes, but the associated drop down menu is blank. If there was no GENRE in the item specifics of the original template, then there is no option to select GENRE because the ADD DETAIL drop-down menu only gives you one option, i.e., only can add CUSTOM DETAIL, no other item specifics, not even ARTIST or CONDITION. My workflow uses previous listings to create new listings, perhaps this is the problem but for me this process is faster than creating new listings from scratch. ITEM SPECIFICS is a pretty important feature going into the Christmas holiday sales season.

Further information: I tried creating a fresh listing (what we used to call template). Selected my category, then click on ATTRIBUTES, which show only 2 details: SPECIAL ATTRIBUTES and COUNTRY/REGION OF MANUFACTURE. SPECIAL ATTRIBUTES ENABLES me to select from a series of things, using + & - instead of being able to check items in a list as before. Very awkward and slow. Country provides a drop down list.

OK, upon looking at the awkward eBay listing tool itself, I see that they have eliminated most of the special attributes. Under ITEM DETAILS: they have only SPECIAL ATTRIBUTES & COUNTRY/REGION OF MANUFACTURE (with a drop down box). This is not a GS7 problem. So luckily I can use old templates to basically force the item specifics to appear in my listings, but I cannot change the attributes on any item specifics other than what I detailed above. I hope this helps some people.

This happened to me as well, except my catergory is Mens Clothing Casual Shirts & T-Shirts. Both only have 2 default Attributes “Brand” & “COUNTRY/REGION OF MANUFACTURE”. Then when I go to list it I get errors that I must have Size and Style attributes. I tried creating these as Custom Attributes but it doesn’t like it and won’t allow me to procede. I am on US eBay and latest version 7.0.9 (811).

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By right clicking an inventory item, I was able to cut and past LISTING COMPONENTS from one listing to another to force the listing to contain the item specifics. I could change the item specifics in the newer listing by simply typing in what I wanted although there were no drop down boxes. Not sure if forcing the item specifics into the ad will help with potential buyers’ searches. I intend to take this up with eBay shortly and will report back to this thread.

I think this was an eBay issue. My thing mysteriously fixed itself and all is back to normal…