Item Specifics Issue

Hi there,
I am experiencing a very frustrating issue with Item Specifics. Since there are tons of listings for update with numerous new specifics added manually each time, this problem is making me super upset. I open the item specifics menu, add the attributes I need, fill them one by one, then close the window to see that those are not saved. I open the window again, do this all over again, sometimes they are saved, sometimes I need to do it thrice. This costs me huge amounts of time and it makes me close to crying, I hate adding specifics, but three times single listing is hell, please help!

I am sorry to hear :frowning:
Which version of GarageSale are you using? (Just select ‘About GarageSale’ from the ‘GarageSale’ menu in GarageSale.)

Regards, Kristian

GS 8 8.0b68, just updated it, but the issue persist.

Is there any chance you can make a short screencast of this issue?

You can use QuickTime to record a screencast. (‘File’ menu > 'New Screen
If not too large you could post that video compressed as a zip file here. Otherwise please upload that file to your webspace, DropBox account or somewhere else where we can download it from.

Regards, Kristian

Do you recall where you exactly clicked when closing the the attribute panel? We had bugs in the past, where clicking on a different listing to close GarageSale caused changes no to be saved.

As Kristian said, having reproducible steps to trigger this bug (e.g. a video) would be super helpful.

I tried clicking inside the listing, clicking the X button of the toolbar etc. I remember that clicking on other listing can cause that, here this is not the issue. I don’t know about the screencast, it’s not happening on every other listing, will record a huge video, will have to edit it etc, will try later or tomorrow.

Ready, hope that helps.

One time I get white specifics bar, another - black, is it designed to be like this?

Thanks. The video did indeed help. There was a bug, that prevented newly added attributes from being saved, if other attributes had been deleted just previously. Hopefully, we’ll have a fix by tomorrow.

Also, there is a preference to control wether or not GarageSale should add suggested specifics to your new listings automatically.

I don’t understand what you are referring to. Can you please post screenshots?

Oh, that’s something I need to see. Where I can activate it?

You find it in the GarageSale preferences > eBay > Advanced:

Regards, Kristian

Here is what I meant, one time the panel is white, one time is black. I would prefer the black one, since I can move it around. I know that I can transform the white into black when trying to move it around, but it’s not working instantly, I need to toggle it around and what a little before the transformation.

Just saw it, that’s when there are no specifics added, which is not convenient for the editing of old listings. I mention it before, will do the same now too, with the non-stop evolving specifications on Ebay, which is requiring non-stop editing, I wish there is a faster way to add the new specifics into the old ones. Now, I do it manually for each listing, I go to Add Detail, add one, return to Add Detail - add second etc, with up to 6-8 new specifics multiplied by hundreds of listings, it is very time consuming and tedious. I wish I can copy the new specifics added in listing 1 and paste into listing 2, but just add onto the existing ones, without pasting the whole information from listing 1 and lose the data typed in listing 2, not sure if I explained it simple enough. I tried removing all the specifics from the given listing only to select the + symbol and to receive all the specifications in one click, but this means I will have to retype all the specifics once again, which is close to creating new listing, which takes tons of time. The problem is Ebay is making it super complicated now, in order to survive on the platform, you should be editing non-stop, each and every day, each and every listing. We have around 1400 unique listings, and when it comes to editing, this is a nightmare. :frowning:

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