Item Specifics Questions

I was wondering if there is a way to add all the item specifics available in the area instead of choosing them one by one. Since Ebay is changing their specifics and they already added multiple new ones, it is very time consuming for us to manually add those on hundred of items. Listing a new item looks the same way, going into the item specific fields and investing a lot of time adding them manually. It will be easier if we can add all of the specifics with one click (something like a button - Add all ) and then remove the ones which are not applicable for the item.

Also, I have noticed that listings made an year and a half ago are containing a lot of item specific fields that are not working on Ebay anymore, which makes them hard to sell and are requiring much checking and editing in order to do so. Would be helpful if there is a way ( smart folders or something else ) for the listings that are missing a lot of specifics to be shown somewhere and this way our attention to be drawn to them, because now I should go and check each and every listing manually and working with over a thousand ads makes this process almost impossible to handle. Thanks a lot for your response again! :blush:

If there’re no specifics added to your listings and you open the item specifics window for the first time, it should automatically show all specifics suggested by eBay.
So, it might work for you to remove previously added specifics first (click on the minus button) and afterwards click on the plus button to re-add all suggested specifics.
Maybe that’s a helpful workaround for you?

Regards, Kristian

I will definitely try that. Thanks for the quick response again!

I agree!

If we could also rearrange them in an order that makes sense, that’d be great! My aim is to make that panel look balanced as well, but I had to give up on that idea - it’s too clunky.

We’re told that item specifics are one of the best ways we can attract buyers…

It worked. But the thing is I usually have a listing with 4 - 7 item specifics and I go and edit it by adding all the item specifics I need. So in this case, removing all the data from the attributes with result in more work for me, rather than just filling all the new ones. For clothing category (I don’t know what’s the case with other items) there are 19, even 24 specifics which can be added, so if I have let’s say 6, adding 13 to 18 new ones manually takes a lot of time and then multiplying by hundreds, the results is, for let’s say 200 items, around 1hour and a half for only adding those, without filling with new info. That’s why I was looking to save up some time by merging all the missing specifics on the old ones.

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