Item specifics window doesn't update changes

Item specifics don’t update changes unless you close the window every time you make changes. I have it torn off so it stays open on my screen but the changes are not reflected on the listing.

This same behavior also is in the “Returns” window. It only updates the new info when closing out the window. In this example I attached even though I changed it to “Return shipping will paid by” SELLER, it stays BUYER unless I close the window out which saves the information.Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 1.57.59 PM

Can you describe where exactly the changes are not reflected?
For me changes to “Returns accepted/not acepted” and “Item must be returned within” are always reflected correctly in the Preview. Even with a detached returns window.
“Return shipping will paid by” is not reflected in the Preview but even if I change it in the detached returns window it is reflected when opening the default/not-detached returns popover window.

Regards, Kristian

In this example every item is different in the popover window unless I close the window which then updates the item specifics.

If I change the return to “buyer” from “seller” and update the listing the change is not made unless I close the popover window.

I resolved my “returns” issue. When I “revised” I had the box set to “revise selected properties only”.
My mistake there but the Item specifics issue persists unless I close the “item specifics” popover window.

I was able to reproduce this issue. I also found out that that deleting or adding an attribute corrrectly refreshes the item specifics table in the Preview. Switching to Editor mode and back to Preview mode refreshes the view, as well.

I’ll add this to our todo list. Maybe @ilja has an idea how this can be improved.

Regards, Kristian

I kept clicking around the listing until the popover updated the item specifics but I couldn’t determine what finally made the item specifics update. I too did notice that “adding an attribute” addressed the problem but then I had to delete the extra “specific” back off, an extra step. Switching to live mode also works reliably as well as switching to “editor” mode. Both are an easier step than closing the popover and reopening it and dragging it to the side to be out of the way, either is an acceptable solution for the time being.
I am attaching screen shot of my working desk top. Two helpful suggestions if I may: Add “returns” by "SELLER/BUYER and the weight of the item to the listing so it can be easily seen at a glance.

OOPS… sometimes the weight is there and sometimes not. I will have to see why that is.
I found out why. Calculated makes it show up. It would be nice if it is always showing the weight. I have to enter the weight every time I ship something.

Thanks all for your hard work making GS a great tool. GS is a great program that I could not function well without.

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