Just upgraded to GS7, my custom template no longer works

I just upgraded over to the new GS7 and the custom template I had been using was no longer functional when I opened the program for the first time. Essentially, I am left with a white background and none of the imagework I had created. When I copy and paste a backup of the code into the design editor, I still get the blank white template. I would very much appreciate assistance in restoring the template to its previous state. Here is an example of the template before I upgraded the app: eBay item 371723761039. And after: 142104793406 .

Thank you.

Follow up: essentially, the listing design I had created was not carried over when I performed the upgrade. It is strange that it is not present in the design library because an older custom design template I had used was there. Is there a way to recover that design template or to transfer it from another macbook that still has the old Garagesale?

Solved. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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