Keychain problem

garagesale wants a password for my ebay keychain account. WTF?? I have literally no idea what they are talking about. Have never entered this before. Ho can I recover it? I can’t do anything in garagesale…what a nightmare!

Because you use a Mac, your browser remembers, if you clic on Yes, every password you use on every website. This is called Keychain. It allows you to log in without having to “remember” every password you ever used on any website. Garage sale wants the ebay username and password so it can link up to ebay so you can get all the ebay info and upload your auctions.

Keychain is the part of MacOS where GarageSale and other apps store confidential information, like usernames, passwords, and login tokens in.

By default, only apps that put items into the Keychain are allowed to read those items back. Since your eBay token was put there by GarageSale 7, and GarageSale 8 now wants to read it, the system is asking you, if that is OK.

Please give permission to that request by clicking “Always allows” (if visible). If asked for a password, you need to enter the username/password combination you are using for accessing your current account on your Mac.

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