Language of listings?

Are listings automatically shown the the language of the ebay site, i.e. when I post to the German ebay site, are the static texts in German (of course not the texts I entered), like “Description” or “Shipping and payments”. I’m used to set my OSX to English, even being located in Germany.

As far as I know, every national eBay site is mono-lingual. So, if you are posting a listing to eBay Germany, all eBay-supplied strings on the webpage would be in German.

But every eBay site can display listings listed on another eBay site. For instance, if you search on for the item ID of a listing originally listed on eBay Germany, you would see your listing loaded within the English interface of the US site.

That’s exactly what I expected, but wasn’t sure about. Thanks a lot for the clarification.