Larger photos in listings!

I’m loving Garage sale so far except for the photos part. Why does GS show such small photos in the app? My photos are all scanned at 1200dpi as I want the buyers to be able to see the most details as I sell a lot of real photo postcards. This is fine for the buyers on eBay as they are showing in high resolution on the live auctions but when I am describing the cards I have to right click on each photo in the listings and choose “Show image” which then shows it larger. I’d like to be able to just double click the photo in the listing and see them with the built in viewer but when I do that they are small with all this black area around the photo. Even if I just scroll down in the listing description which has the photos they are also small and if I mouse over them or choose the magnifying glass they don’t get any bigger. See attached screenshots to show what I mean.

My first thought:
It might have to do with the image’s meta data and dpi size.
Make sure that your photos only have ~72dpi but have a large size (~1600px).

Feel free to post one of your original photos here. Maybe we find out why they are shown such small in GarageSale.

Thanks for the response. Attached is one of my original photos which is how all my photos were scanned. The only change was to add image protection watermarks after they were scanned.

I agree with @JayinPEC , this is also my thought. The preview of photos, when you click on image gallery into the listing, is small. Larger photos would be very useful. Also in orders I would find quite useful to enlarge photos included in the purchase, while GS only shows little ones. This way, I could be sure to ship the right item.
I don’t know if something is possible, I remember somewhere in the forum we already talked about this in the past.

It has to do with EPS selected in the GarageSale preferences > eBay > eBay Images.
If you switch to GarageSale picture service, your photo is displayed at a very large size.


@kristian super, it works!

I did see that option but had not tried it because I like the way eBay shows the photos on the listings when live, which I believe is using eBay picture services. So that’s the reason I didn’t change it. Are you saying if I choose the GS picture service option the photos will be larger in GS but the actual eBay listing will still look the same? I guess I will have to try a listing with GS picture services to see how the eBay listings are affected.

Selecting ‘Also upload images to eBay’s Picture service, if free’ in the GarageSale preferences > eBay > eBay Images will make the images appear in eBay’s own image gallery, too!

OMG! This is perfect now! Can’t believe I didn’t know about that all this time. This will increase my productivity big time now when doing listings. Thanks so much for the tips.

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