Latest OS update

Anyone noticed a severe lag and glitching after the latest update?

The glitch is where I am unable to select a listing or scroll for up to 2 minutes. There is no rainbow wheel and it is not due to activity going on in the background.

It isn’t frozen as the taskbar is active and once it starts again it will have “remembered” the last few inputs.

Therefore it would be interesting to know why you experiencing those hangs or freezes. Here is how you can help us find out:

  1. Launch GarageSale if you don’t have it already running
  2. Open the Activity Monitor application (under /Application/Utilities)
  3. Select GarageSale from the list of running applications in Activity Monitor
  4. Now do something you are pretty sure that will cause the beachball to come up for several seconds
  5. Chose “View” menu > “Sample Process” (Activity Monitor will probably ask you for an admin password at this point)
  6. Wait while the sample is taken
  7. Save the sample output into a file and send it to us.

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