Launch Control hangs after I attempt to Start an auction

I am having increasing difficulty starting items. It seems like, with each release, I have to attempt to start additional times and right now, i have attempted to start an item at least 10 times with no success. It is a quite simple auction, just 3 photos. I do the verification first and everything says fine. Then when I hit Start, it just sits there and most times does not come back with the fee and the additional start button. Sometimes it does. In either case, the upload ends in error. Usually says something about image upload.

Is anyone else having this problem?


I closed GS and reopened. I attempted the launch again and received the error “image upload failed” followed by Garage Sale Picture Service. Wrong response ((null))

I’m back again and I think I understand what is happening. I had two actions that were generating the same error. On both, I had used the feature to launch an external picture editor. Image tricks lite. It looks like the app and graphic files are not getting closed out properly. I again attempted to launch one of the auctions. While waiting for it to make progress, I quit Image Tricks and it showed a bunch of graphic files that it was releasing when it quit. As soon as it did that, the launch control started working and completed the launch of that auction.

I had a second auction that would not launch and it still did not do anything. But I closed GS, reopened and then was able to launch the second auction.

So, it seems that the external call is not closing properly and releasing the file to be uploaded - or something related to that.


Thanks for reporting. We’ll take a look into this.