Launch control moves on his own

I remember that some months ago we talked about this problem and it seems to be back. I had already noticed it but I never reported it. I made a sequence of screenshot to show you what I mean.
Every time I start a listing, the launch control is never in the previous place. It moves not randomly but on diagonal lines. I made 5 photos but it went on until it reached the bottom, then it suddenly moved to top and restarted along another diagonal line (as you can see in the photo 1 and 2). All windows are always in the same position, I do not move launch control manually, it just moves a little bit every time I click on start …


That’s standard window behavior on Mac. Each new window is appears with a little offset.

You can also observe this by opening Text Edit and pressing Command-N multiple times in a row.

Ah I did not know this worked also for launch control… Anyway, thank you for your reply

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