Launch Control window Ignore Future Warnings menu item

Sometimes, the “Ignore Future Warnings like this” menu item is grayed out and can not be selected. I THINK this happens if the Warning has already been ignored.

Close the window, and Relist again, and the warning still shows up.


It can make a difference where exactly you right-click. Make sure to right-click directly on the error description text.

Also, it can be that you can’t ignore this specific message because it’s a GarageSale message – not an eBay message if I am not mistaken.

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,

OH! :flushed: Yea, you gotta click on the “warning” line.

OK, it must be a GarageSale warning.

And, the warning only applies and shows up when relisting Sold items. Makes sense.


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