Launch Control window progress bars redraw issue when scrolling

This has been an issue for a long time…

The progress bars do not draw correctly when scrolling the Launch Control window.

See movie. Start 89 listings. Wait til the first page of listings gets uploaded and the progress bars are drawn. Then scroll the window, with a page-down. Notice that all the progress bars are still the same, and do not get erased and re-drawn properly for un-uploaded listings. This happens consistently when scrolling the Launch Control window while listings are uploading.

Also, what is that little mark “`”??? to the very left side of the number on each listing???

Screen Recording (GarageSale) copy


This has been the case ever since I first downloaded GS. God knows when that was.

We tried to fix some of the progress bar behavior with Beta 9, but I don’t think we are fully there yet. :frowning:

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NICE!! Beta 9 Launch Control window progress bars look Great!!


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