Launching events with scheduler

I’m still having problems with launching listings and the scheduler. I checked my upload speed with my cable provider and it is very good. I cut down on images and text length and shut off all my extra wireless devices. My Mac has tons of unused storage and in quite new. The events still launch erratically. The first three were spaced as scheduled, then three launched at once, then two correctly then the last five launched all at once. Is there a way to keep eBay updates from syncing with GarageSale while the event is actively launching? My previous week’s listings are ending at the same time the new ones are launching. Could that be the problem? I am really frustrated and I have so much data in this program that I don’t want to give up on it.

What have you selected as image hosting option in GarageSale’s preferences. This sounds like it could be an issue with the image some uploads taking longer than expected, thus causing the listing process to drag on forever.

Have you tried playing with the event’s interval setting to space out your listings a little?

Today I switched to the GarageSale image host instead of using the eBay one to see if it helped. Sadly it did not. I watched the activity window. The listings were scheduled five mixture apart. At one point there was no activity in the window for over 30 mintutes, then eight listings launched at once and the activity window showed them all launching with no problem, however, now they will all end at the same time. I know my upload speed is okay. I just can’t think of anything else to try. I don’t know how to create a custom image server, but I really don’t think that is the problem. I use an iMac, not a notebook and it is pretty new and I have tons of unused storage. I love this program and dread the thought of putting all my data into another one. I sure hope I can figure this out. I may go back to GarageSale Classic and see what happens. It was crashing, but the scheduler worked perfectly.

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