"Learn how to Customize Packing Slips" menu item

Selecting the “Learn how to Customize Packing Slips” menu item from the “Print Packing Slip…” menu item in the Order menu results in an error: “The selected content is currently unavailable”. I found the section in the GarageSale Help file.

I’m trying to see if I can Print an Order, with the same information that comes in the eBay “Your sold item is ready to ship” emails when an order has been paid for. Basically, most all the Order information that shows on the screen. I’d like to Print all Orders that are “Awaiting Shipment”/“Ready To Ship”, rather than print the eBay emails.

These seems to me the missing fields:
Buyer Account
Order Number
Quantity Remaining (from eBay)


Apple’s help system is not that robust when it comes to links and indexing. This menu should link to the following page (except in the Apple Help pages): Customize Packing Slips

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