Library from Photos app on Mac not showing in media browser


I am running the latest version of GarageSale (6.9.5) and I have restored all data by copying the “GarageSale” folder from ~/Library/Application Support from a backup to my new OS X installation (10.10.4). This is the recommended way of restoring as described in the FAQs.
Unfortunately, the library of the native Photos app is not showing in the media browser. I still have iPhoto installed and is available in the browser but I have converted my Library to the new app and don’t use iPhoto anymore.

Would appreciate any help on this because exporting to a folder and then getting the photos back on my auction template is quite cumbersome.


Hi there,

I case you are not running the version from the MAS, you might want to give this version a try:

Hi ilja,

I am using the version I had purchased from your website.

Then please go ahead and use the version from the link I sent you earlier.

Hi ilja,

thanks for providing the link.
Unfortunately, it is still not working. Only iPhoto is showing up in the media browser.