Licence for images V7

Hi I have purchased the token for the images but it has not registered on the V7 account please could someone from support advise ? thanks this is urgent.

I assume you are talking about the “GTC Image Hosting” option. I further assume you purchased that from within a GarageSale version of GarageSale 6 your bought in the Mac App Store.

In that case, you best option is the get a refund for your original purchase from able and re-purchase the option from within GS7 again. Apple does not share any transactional data with us, so we don’t get any records about your purchase we could atomically transfer over to GarageSale 7.

HI I purchased through the garage sale program direct not the apple store and paid the iwascodiingstore ? thanks

Thanks. I found your purchase in our database. I assume you purchased the image option from GarageSale 6 after you had GS7 already installed. Correct?

Anyway, in GarageSale 7 go to Preferences > eBay > eBay Images. Hold down the alt (aka option) key on your keyboard and click “Purchase”. In the panel, enter your transaction ID from the receipt e-mail you should have received after the purchase.