Limit to number of listings?

Just so I’m clear.
I have used Garage Sale for many many years.
I’ve just upgraded from 7 to 9 at a cost of $20.
Now I’m limited to 50 listings a month, unless I pay $15 a month for some kind of subscription?
This wasn’t mentioned anywhere during the upgrade process.
How is this progress?
How do I fix? Can I roll back to Garage Sale 7 so I can actually do my listings without paying even more for software I have already purchased.
Wow! just Wow!

We change the price model almost 3 years ago with GarageSale 8: iwascoding » Blog Archive » GarageSale 8 Pricing

TLDR: GarageSale is complex tool with only a tiny user base. There’s was no way to sustain the old model of pricing model of paying upgrade fees every 3 years or so, and keeping up with eBay’s and Apple’s changes.

Here is a link to the last version of GarageSale 7:

I get it from your point of view.
If I was a business, it would be trivial cost. But I’m just a hobbiest, who sells a few extra bits and bobs on. So I can’t justify that cost.
If it was $5 maybe.
Or even if the limit on the standard version was 100 that would probably cover my needs.
However thank you very much for at least allowing me to continue with the old version. Appreciated for as long as that version runs for :slight_smile:

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