Line spacing problems now in my GS 6.. Sierra Problem?

I had upgraded to Sierra last week. (horrific upgrade, and wish I can go back)

I started my old faithful GS 6, only to find now a discrepancy between the line spacing I am seeing on GS6 and what happens on ebay…

I am wondering if this may be a Sierra Problem. everything worked fine under Mountain Lion… Listinsg and ebay were identical.

I had selected the block of main text, and set it as one size. but I had different fonts within.

anyone having similar problems.? any one know a workaround.?


That’s hard to tell.
The overall line-spacing looks fine but there seems to be some code in the marked area that is rendered differently in GarageSale’s webkit and in your browser.

Feel free to post a link here so I can inspect the source code.

Regards, Kristian

this is the link to the ebay auction, if that is what you are after., (cant find anything in GS6 that lets me export the auctions, like it doe sin GS7)

I had a look at the source code.
In your description you’re using hundreds of these elements:


These are “non-breaking” spaces and they cause the large gap. You should remove then in GarageSale Editor mode and revise the listing afterwards.

Regards, Kristian

Hi, have no clue how they got there, as I only visually type in text , and set type sizes etc, by mouse selections… all else and HTLM is 'white mans Magic" to me…

will trya nd use editor… and get back to you.

thanks, Sandy

manged to get it done, and it now looks fin. thanks. much appreciated.