Linking Inventory Table and Quantity with Auction

How do I link the inventory quantity listed on my inventory panel with the listed quantity available for an auction? I have selected the SKU function on the Advanced Inspector panel but that does not (appear to) override the “quantity” selection above it whether or not the quantity checkbox is selected.


You link a listing to an SKU item by using the same SKU in both. The quantity field in the listing is not automatically overridden to match the quantity of the inventory item. That’s because a seller might chose the offer the same item in different listings.

Thank you. I know to link the listing to the inventory table via the Advanced Inspector and I like that the images from the inventory table automatically populate the listing. However, I was hoping the inventory table would also set the available quantity in the listing and would automatically update the listing when re-listing.

Also, if you put [[item.inventoryProductDescription]] in your listings’s description, it will get replaced with the description of your inventory item when listed.

It doesn’t do that yet, but these are good suggestions. I’l added them to our to do list.