Listed first auction to ebay in a long time then cant see other listings

Hi, finaly started back on ebay after a long break (and a few ambulance trips)

my first auction went well. listed straigh to ebay.

then I click om my next listing only to see what looks like an ebay page NOT my GS auction listing at all, and n matter what other listings I have made, this happens with them all…

Panic… as I had tons listed.
what has happend.?

regards, Sandy

curioser and curioser… I clicked up and down my list of auctions, and only saw that ebay page…

then I clicked on a never before auction listing, above the folder 3, and all those listings were there…

so I clisked again on the above auction (this is after a few minutes of panic) and it was back…

So I dont know what went wrong… but I dont want it to happen again.



Hello @nurgles ,
you are in live mode, it means GS is showing how this auction looks like in eBay, but if it is very old, the auction in eBay has been removed, and so you see nothing. Just switch to editor mode as shown in this image and everything will be fine. Then start with the button and the auction will restart. Then, if you want, you can switch again in live mode so you can see how it looks in eBay.


wow. thanks… using GS for years, and still learning something totaly new all the time…

much appreciated…

regards, Sandy

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