"Listing Designs" pane empty. No designs visible

GS7 b47

The “Listing Designs” pane is now empty. None of the included free designs or the two purchased designs show up. Only pop-up choice is ‘All’. Pane shows completely empty. No designs.

Can access the design store. Can re-download the two paid designs. Still nothing shows. Preferences >> ebay >> New Listings >> the pop-ups for ‘Design:’ and ‘Layout:’ show the included designs, but not 2 paid designs. New eBay listings honor the preference defaults, but cannot be changed, and if deselecting the checkbox [x] ‘Don’t use a design’ then it is impossible to reassign a design.

Reinstalled GS7 b47.
Also removed ~/Library/Preferences/com.iwascoding.garagesale.plist.*.
No effect and they were not recreated.
Last Mod 2016.03.24 so probably not current preference storage mechanism.

Design Templates are still present: GarageSale/Contents/Resources/DesignTemplates/
Paid Templates are still present: ~/Library/Containers/com.iwascoding.garagesale7/Data/Library/Application\ Support/GarageSale/PaidDesigns (with mod time of re-download)

Please advise.

Sorry, this one slipped to the cracks. We didn’t catch it, as it seems to only surface when specific conditions are met.

Here is a fix release that addresses this issue until Beta 48 is out:


Thank you for the prompt response and fix !!!