Listing European DVDs by EAN codes - can I access catalog?

Hello all,

I haven’t been selling on eBay lately and just realized I need to upgrade to Garage Sale 7. I have a ton of DVDs and CDs in the basement and was hoping of getting them on eBay but I was hoping to use my barcode scanner to list them more quickly. Is there a way I can check if the catalog is going to help me before I cough up for the upgrade? If not, I would have to find another solution.

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Hi Ted,

what you could try is to use our free “GarageSale Scout” app. You can use it as a barcode scanner and then transfer your prepared listing to GarageSale 7.

Please find more info here:

You can download and test GarageSale 7 for free:

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,

Thanks for the tip. I tried to scan in some DVDs & on eBay - I am in Germany but most of my discs are from the UK - and it seems that they are not in the product catalog and not being read. I was really hoping to be able to find a fast way to list them. I need some sort of EU database and not just Germany. Probably a long shot but - any ideas?


As far as I know that doesn’t matter - but I am not sure.

Sometimes it takes some seconds until a product barcode is found in eBay’s product catalog. You might want to give that another try in GarageSale Scout.
If it still won’t work you could transfer the prepared listings from GSScout to GarageSale 7 anyway and then enter the barcode in the search field in the “Product” panel to test whether it can be found there.

Hope this helps,

I think it is a regional catalog because the only DVD it found was the German one Oh well.

Scout definitely sounds handy - do you think there is a difference between the catalogs used by GarageSale 6 or 7?

I think the same eBay catalog is used in GarageSale 6 and GarageSale 7.
Could you send me one of your barcodes that doesn’t work so I can try it here?

Regards, Kristian

That would be nice. The top one is France and the bottom is UK.

I also wasn’t able to find the products in eBay’s product catalog on eBay Germany.
After switching to eBay UK the product “Wild Ride” (barcode 5013037032680) was found immediately. So, yes, the catalogs seem to be region-specific.

Regards, Kristian

thanks - appreciate the help. I’ll figure something out somehow.

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