Listing fees no longer showing up

my listing fees are no longer fees are no longer showing up.

Did you refresh the token?

Yes but no help. It happen when I went to new version.

Where are the listing fees missing? In the “Launch Control” window prior to starting a listing?

They are missing after I ship the items. I put in the cost of shipping then it should show up with listing fees but they are blank.

Is there no fix for this? Or no way for this to work.

It is under the shopping cart for items I sold. as you can see no listing fees.

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I also see this.

It started happening between 5/31/24 and 6/11/24 (I was on vacation those days in between…)

Also the “Actual Shipping” amount is not being filled in. It seems like it should be filled in at the same time as when the “Items Shipped” flag is set since I shipped the order with eBay Labels.


Are your 7 day auctions restarting?

My listing fees always read $0.00. On 6/17/24, 12:03:24 AM was the last time final value fees were downloaded. On 6/17/24, 10:00:00 AM the final value fees are blank and have been blank ever since. My shipping and tracking are there. Items Ready to ship was empty. I switched back to 9.8b3 and the items waiting to ship instantly filled in on the folder.

I do not do any auto-restarts, only manual starts/relisting.


Did you get log for my listing fees not showing up?