Listing Help - Old eBay listings converting into GarageSale format

I have just started using GarageSale. Is there a simple way to transition my old eBay listings into the GarageSale format without ending the listing in eBay and starting over? I can’t seem to find anything in the manual on this.


how about the “import from My eBay” command?:

Regards, Kristian

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Thank you! One more question. I am little confused about templates. Once I list an item, can I delete the template or will it affect my ability to edit the item in the future? Also, can I delete the listings that were initially downloaded under the heading “Imported from My Ebay” when I initially set up GarageSale. Or will this remove the listings from eBay? I am still getting my feet wet on this so some things confuse me.

If you delete the template, you are making it hard to revise a running listing made from that template. So it would keep the template around until the listing has expired.

Yes, you can delete these listings if you want to. Deleting a listing template in GS does not effect the running listing on eBay.

The current template/listing paradigm in GarageSale dates back to a time, when it was indeed possible to have several similar listings online at the same time. Since that’s not possible anymore because of eBay’s duplicate listing policy, GarageSale 7 will only have listings, which should simplify things.

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I am having this same issue. I have worked out how to bring in my existing eBay store listings (prior to Garage Sale), but they don’t have my fancy template like the ones that I am using in the new listings that I am putting on Garage Sale. How can I get them to look like my others on Garage Sale once I have imported them in?

Hi mindy,

in Editor mode activate the “Design” checkbox if not activated already and select a listing design afterwards.
Does this help?

Regards, Kristian