Listing Titles Changing (Still)

I’m reposting about a bug that I’m continuing to experience.
I first posted about this in January and February:
When in preview mode, sometimes when I click on a listing in the listings window, the title will change to that of another listing.

I’d say it happens once every 1-2 days.
I’m working on drafts today and it just happened again.

Very frustrating. I thought it would have been addressed/fixed by now?

@heather what to say… 1) listings still disappear 2) title still changes 3) text editor still drives me mad… just give a look to my other topic: Disappearing listing 2 yours will be like that. Nothing to say, but problems exist and frustrate …

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I will confirm the title changing still happens. For me it happens once in a blue moon, and I haven’t been able to replicate it on purpose. Happened to me yesterday when I switched from one listing to another in preview mode. It hadn’t happened for months before that (that I’m aware of!)

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