Disappearing listing 2

Sadly the previous discussion closed without a concrete solution. Today I discovered this problem AGAIN persists. There are 7 expired listings that were not relisted for some error (they are filtered in the smart group), as soon as I tried to relist them GS said that those listings were identical to other running online. Actually I DON’T HAVE them in my GS database except those expired, BUT THEY ARE ACTIVE in my ebay shop and were relisted 2 days ago. GS did not crashed in the meanwhile, but I closed it clicking the quit button while it was relisting. Might it cause the problems? Honestly I am exausted, I don’t have time and patience to check all my archive and recreate from zero the “disappeared listings” we all discussed in the other topic…
Ah I forgot to say that opening with ctrl+alt and checking orphaned listings found NOTHING… any suggestion will be welcomed.


Hi Frederico,

in the other/old thread you mentioned, I never get any answer to my last post.

Anyway, you should not terminate GarageSale in the middle of a relist. There is always the possibility that the relist succeeded on eBay but GarageSale never received the result or could not update and add the listing to the hierarchy.

As I know that your GarageSale is very busy updating messages/listings/orders, this is even more important to you, as the queue of operations that needs to be done is most likely filled up with other stuff.


Hello @paul ,
thanks for getting back to me.
Honestly I really was not aware of your not-replied message in the old discussion, it was @ to ohmoments and I missed it. I always reply, but in this case a user said a thing I cannot reply to because I never experienced that situation. The problem we were discussing was different since listings disappear without leaving tracks… nothing like @ohmoments said.

Honestly I think following this advice is very very hard to do. First, how can I know that GS is relisting while I want to shut down? Well, I knew because I almost always check the activity panel, but I guess no many other users do it every time they need to close. Second, how much time do I have to waste in front of my laptop, while I probably need to go away, and being available of doing nothing since when I close GS, it is no more usable until I shut down? May be this problem solved adding a sort of prevention agains shutting down while GS is relisting? Something that block the “close” button of the pop-up window only if GS is relisting… but in my opinion problem would persists again.
Concerning the relisting I am experiencing also other problems. For example, I cannot list while GS is relisting, the launch control doesn’t go on and situation is like this for much time…

After all relistings terminated I was again able to list as before. The problem is, day after day I have an increasing number of auto-relisted listings… what in a month? And then, what in a year??? Sure if a solution is not found in the meanwhile…

Hope this makes sense.

Thank you

Ah, great to see this still being discussed. I have more to add to the mystery.

I had 3 similar listings, two were running, one was not. I ended one that was running and deleted it and… Suddenly there was only one listing! On search it showed one running, one in deleted items and the third was NOWHERE!

This goes back to my theory that deleting erases more than the intended item and probably ones that were created from the same listing.

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