Listings from 7.0.9 still have HTTP not HTTPS

I just started my listing using 7.0.9 and then rani ways and all of the listing are apparently they are not HTTPS compliant how can this be fixed?

Can you please post a link to such a listing on eBay for us to investigate?

This is the eBay listing # 311974950728 That is non compliant. I started this listing (311976514987) to see if not having a footer would make it compliant and it is compliant. Both used GS Image service. The only difference is the footer. I do not want to revise the 4600 listings 1 by 1. New Topic: Are new eBay listing supposed to show up in imported auctions in GS? Thank you

How do you know it is not compliant? Do you get an explanation from eBay? According to our information, non-https links to the eBay platform are allowed.

Once we figured out what the reason is, you can bulk-revise any number of selected listings in GarageSale.

Not automatically. You have to use the “Import from My eBay” command. There is an option to only import listings that GarageSale doesn’t know about.

There is a link to I-ways in the eBay seller hub (stronger browser security) it runs all of your listings through. After I started my listings again on friday/saturday, i ran the i-ways and all of my listings had http not https. I bulk edited them through eBay, ran the i-ways again and they were compliant. I then went into GS and revised 3 listings (i sent you 1) and they the only noncompliant.
I put a screen shot so you can see it. Thanks

Once you restart GarageSale, it should download new footer data from our servers, which uses an HTTPS link to our store. Hope this helps.

Thank you! I restarted GS and the listings are all compliant. My previous question about new eBay listings showing up in imported auctions. I got to file on the tool bar, click new, click new eBay listing and it shows up in imported auctions, not in template. Am I doing something wrong? thanks

When doing this is there an item selected in that “imported auctions” group?

Regards, Kristian

The first time i did it the imported auctions was empty. All of my listings were in my templates. When i clicked to make a new listing it went into imported auctions, so now there are 2 that were created through the new eBay listing button.

If a group is selected in the left outline view, newly created listings will be added to that group.
If you create a new listing while no group is selected, the newly created listing will be added to the very bottom of the outline view.

Regards, Kristian

Ok, I have my curser on the my templates master heading (grey) and the new listings go in that section at the beginning (top), but when you duplicate a listing it goes in at the bottom. Since my listing are in chronological order with the oldest being at the top, I will use the duplicate listing feature to create new listings. Thanks

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