Listings with variations cant be revised

All listings with variations cant be revised. I get and error saying

If I add a new variation I get the “MISMATCH” error.
I have 6 listing with variations and get the same error if the quantity has changed in GS from the quantity that the ebay listing has currently. No place in the listing does GS have “0” as a quantity except the side bar, and I cant change that. Anytime I make a change to quantities OR add a variation my only option is to end the listing and relist to update quantities

I have also had issues updating variation listings since October at least (first time I created one). Currently, I’m just editing them through eBay and not even importing them into GS. Would be great if it worked though.

Some thoughts as these error are all generated by eBay:

Item level quantity:

You maybe have the “Quantity” checkbox in the “Advanced” Inspector selected. You might want to unselect it if you use variations.

Mismatch error:

When it comes to variations eBay sometimes gets very picky. The eBay error messages are somewhat confusing, too, unfortunately.
Did you maybe remove/revise a variation without checking “Delete variation during the next revise”?

More about removing variations and variations in general:

Also, notice the “Apply Remaining Quantities” function: Variations

No place in the listing does GS have “0” as a quantity except the side bar, and I cant change that.

The two items displayed in the left sidebar of the variations panel are inventory items from your Inventory section. You might want to check them there but as long as you don’t use them in your variation setup they should have any effect there.

What also might be is that your variation setup/panel somehow got mixed-up. If not done already it might be worth a try to create a new listing with variations added from scratch.

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