Listings won't allow best offer or AutoPay

Hi i have been happily listing items in GS7 by adding an item and then copying the template.

These have happily accepted best offer and auto pay but for some reason i am now getting error messages saying:-

Best offer feature disabled
Best offer feature is unavailable or disabled for the specified category or listing type

has been dropped because the category 18998 specified is not AutoPay enabled for this site.

Given that i have merrily listed over 400 items without issue and i am using a copy of an active listing i am unsure what the issue is?



What eBay site (,, ebay Motors) and what category are you listing in? Sounds like eBay updated the option that apply for your category.

ebay uk and lego toys

Hi I have just been into the live listing on eBay and added the best offer option successfully. So doesn’t seem to be an eBay restriction - so i am guessing its a software issue with GS7?

It’s probably a software issue, but most likely with eBay’s API server that GarageSale communicates with.

All these error messages are from eBay, we don’t drop any features from your listing automatically during listing.

I have been onto eBay and they say the fault is your end as there are no restrictions their end :frowning: I am not sure where i go from here?

Updating the eBay category data fixed it, right?

Regards, Kristian

It did thanks - now the global shipping program isn’t showing on the listings though - i am taking that up with Ebay

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