Little bit confusion on how to manage my existing listing

Previously i have begin to list with 6.x.x Garagesales, and recently i have updated to the latest Garagesale 7, i have some problems when trying to revise my listing.

-When i try to repair image, it doesn’t seems to work at all (still telling me about the HTTP problem
-It tells me is a duplicate listing, where there is an icon on the left solid green ebay logo, i don’t want to mess up because i have tried it before and it overwrite my listing which accumulates 2000+ sales.
-In the meanwhile i have create listing without using Garagesales, and they have now be imported to the application, i wonder where i could find the existing design template i am using and implementing to them?

It would be great if anyone can help to solve the problem, i really like Garagesales but things like this seems to confuse me, i especially want to prevent overwriting my existing listing especially some are accumulated 4000+ sold unit.

Many thanks!

Hi bear807,

The “repair image” command only checks the image URLs in your item description text. This is helpful if you use your own HTML or if you have imported your listings from eBay.

We created an overview page where you find all info regarding the changes and provide you with instructions what might be needed to do to make your listings compliant to eBay policies.
Please visit the “How to make your listings ready for eBay’s new policies” page here:

In GarageSale 7 a listing can only be started once. If you’re trying to start a listing that has already been started, GarageSale asks you to duplicate the listing.

To learn more about these changes please see the chapter in the manual here:

For an icon legend please see the “Help” menu. (Solid green icon = listing ended successfully)

You can use the “Import > Import from eBay” command from the FILE menu to import your listings from eBay. Once imported simply select a design from GarageSale’s design browser and if you’re ready invoke the revise command to upload the changes to eBay.

Importing from eBay:
Revising a listing:

To get started with GarageSale 7 the tutorial videos might be helpful:

Regards, Kristian

Thank you very much of your help Kristian, i have so far resolve editing active listing,as well as fixing the images link.

However, i have encounter another problem, whilst importing my listing some were showing fine as “active listing” however many of them were showing “prepared listing” i cannot revise any of those listing, is there a way that i could fix them to become an “active listing”???

Those listing is actually live on the site,

Thanks for providing information to resolve all this, i built some confident using the platform.

That’s because these listings probably already exist in GarageSale.

Since you can’t have the same listing twice, GarageSale set the newly imported listing as the default, “prepared” state.

Hope this helps,

Hi Kristian,

I have deleted all the other templates and old listing, only leaving the ones that i have import. However the problems still persist, i have emptied the deleted listing too, still no joy of showing live listing. Is there a way working around when i try to edit it just blank out the options.

You need to delete the importes ones first, too. (Don’t forget to empty the trasha afterwards)
If done, import them from eBay once again.

Regards, Kristian

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thank you very much is 95% solve now!

Last question, i want to apply my design themes on listing that wasn’t listed through Garagesales how can i do that? i have read on the revise existing listing section it didn’t mention how to do it.

I can only imagine copy the html code over but that wouldn’t work smoothly because the photo album section in the description would not work as i cannot change photo on it. I am using “PRO:AIR” design templates i purchased awhile ago.

I am very excited! it is nearly all solve!

From the design browser simply select the desired design.
If done, check your listing in Preview mode.
If everything looks fine invoke the revise command from the “More” button in the toolbar to upload the changes to eBay.

Hope this helps,

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superb! problem all solve! Supper response!

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