Live links causing 'See Full Item Description' button to appear?

I’m hoping someone can help me understand what is allowable regarding HTTPS links to eBay and Youtube in the text of my GS 7 generated listings. Five days ago, using GS 6, I started getting truncated versions of all my listings and at the bottom was a SEE FULL ITEM DESCRIPTION button. Before then, I had not experienced any problems with listings and my links to eBay content worked, so I figured this problem was a signal to finally migrate to GS 7, in order to address the ‘Active Content’ issue. Thank you iwascoding for providing such smooth conversion process and the tools in your application to address live content in my templates. Now basically everything works as it should; however, occasionally my listings are still truncated or the ad won’t pass validation altogether. Then with NO change to the listing, it works after posting it a second time. And when I absolutely could not get an ad to verify, the only remedy was to remove the link altogether, then it uploaded. My links are either to my eBay store or to a defined (pre-determined) search of my store, and the links are consistently configured.

Bottom line, I would appreciate help understanding: (1) did the HTTP links cause the truncated ads in the first place; (2) are HTTPS links somehow still causing some of my listings to be truncated; (3) would someone kindly point me to the latest version of the eBay ‘live content’ rules, they seem to change. Thank you so much.

This SEE FULL ITEM DESCRIPTION button is added by eBay if your item description contains http content or http links.

If you insert links manually in your item decsription make sure they all start with “https” instead of “http”. You can check this in GarageSale’s Editor mode.

We created an overview page where you find all info regarding the changes and provide you with instructions what might be needed to do to make your active listings compliant to eBay policies.
Please visit the “How to make your listings ready for eBay’s new policies” page here:

If not done already, please also see our latest blog post :

Regards, Kristian

From now on when I use GS 7 to revise a listing and it does not strip out the HTTP protocol and replace it with HTTPS, I’ll use editor mode to make the change manually. I noticed sometimes if it does not work the first time, it works the second time. Either way not a problem, just so I know what to do. You truly have streamlined this process overall. Again, thanks for the support.