'Live mode' opens strange tabs in Chrome browser today

A few times - and I think this is only when I’m checking a listing’s live mode in GS, new tabs are being opened in my Chrome browser with this or very similar address: http://trc.taboola.com/taboola-display-ebay/log/3/available.

Do you have any idea why this is happening?

Most likely some ad embedded on the eBay page is doing this. :frowning:

And then those of ebay get on sellers’ nerves for the super-dangerous link to image hosting services… anyway, I had a similar problem once, it was another link but the matter was the same, I guess…

Hm. Strange… What is going on with eBay lately? :confused:

Have a great day.

They are destroying their self (CIT)…

I have the same problem, only when GS is open. When I close it, the problem disappears.
I don’t know if this come from Ebay or GS. I tried to find the origin but the problem returns systematically after few hours of opening GS.

Still having the problem here. Have noticed it is not limited to viewing a listing in “Live Mode” within GS. It also happened immediately after I uploaded a new listing.

Boom! 4 tabs opened one right after another.

GarageSale switches to Live mode after uploading a listing.
As Ilja already mentioned, these popups are caused by ads on the eBay website GarageSale is loading in Live view.
It might help to disable “Load Flash Widgets” in the GarageSale preferences > General but I fear this won’t have any effect, unfortunately.
It’s also worth a try to select “Block PopUps” in the Safari preferences > Security (if Safari is your default browser).

Regards, Kristian

Here is a special build to might help diagnose where those windows are coming from. Please download it and activate the logging feature like this:

  • Install the new version and hold down the Control key on your keyboard while double-clicking it
  • In the debug settings window, enable the “Enable remote debugging” checkbox and enter the logging identifier I’ll send you in a private message
  • get back with me once you saw another unwanted browser window popping up when viewing a live listing in GS


Hi Ilja,
I downloaded the last version. I have enabled “Enable remote…” and entered your logging identifier.
I’ll get back with you when another unwanted browser window popping’ll appear on Google Chrome.

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I’m having the same issue. Tabs are being opened in Safari when viewing live mode. The url is initially the same as in the OP but then goes blank.

Sometimes when I click around in Garage Sale, a browser window opens with this address:
What the heck is this and why?

I was having this issue after the latest upgrade.

Went away for now Muahhhahahahaha ,
Happy Halloween !

It seems to be getting worse. Several times today when I switched to LIVE view it opened SIX tabs at once with this same address. This is happening in Firefox, Safari and Chrome. I tried them all.

Can you try this version please and let me know if you are still seeing unwanted browser windows:



If so, please note the date and time when this happened. This way it it’s easier to find the right entry in the logs.

Thanks Ilja.
I try immediately. I had a few unwanted browser windows but less than before and not “trc.taboola” but “http://tracking.rocketadserver.com/”. The last time, it was October 17 12h12.

Having the exact same issue here, annoying.

Please don’t miss Ilja’s post here:

Better try this improved version:



When I view some but not all of my listings Garage Sale repeatedly attempts to open a new tab going to this link. The link doesn’t work but it tries numerous times. Any idea?