Live Text support in Image Editor window

Can you add the new “Live Text” support to the Image Editor window??

Or is it harder than it seems, with requiring the addition of the right-click popup menu also…


Is this a new eBay option I am not aware of?

Regards, Kristian

Live Text in photos is a new macOS feature in macOS Monterey.

It is very useful and very simple and very intuitive and very cool! :sunglasses:


Your Mac now lets you interact with text in any image. Click an address and it opens in Maps. Call, message, or save any phone number you see. You can copy and paste just as you would with any other text. And personal details and information from images never leave your device.

Interact with text in a photo using Live Text in Preview on Mac


@Neal If you want to use it now (as I do, to OCR text from photos of book pages), you can right-click “Open in External Editor” and use Preview. It will take a moment for Preview to pre-process the image, and there is no progress indicator ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, but when you have a text cursor you can select the (often very rough) text in the image.


That works great!

Although, right from the GarageSale Image Editor would be a bit easier… :slight_smile:


When in Editor mode, you could just hit space to get a QuickLook window for the selected image. Text is selectable and copyable in the QuickLook window.

Yea, that is what I have been doing… :wink:


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