Local image storage

I have thousands of different products that are sold repeatedly, and so I have thousands of different GS templates that I use again and again. When I create a new template, I select “Add Image >> Add Image File…” This allows me to add the image from my hard drive. So here’s my question: Once I’ve added the image from my hard drive to the template, does GS actually create a new copy of that image and store it somewhere in GS file hierarchy, or does GS just remember the location of that image on my hard drive? Here’s why I need to know: my 1 TB hard drive is getting full and I need to slim down. If GS creates a duplicate of the image for its own use, then I can delete the original once my template has been created and saved – there would be no need to have 2 identical image files on the hard drive. If, instead, GS just “refers back” to the original image file when I use the template, then I can’t delete those original images from the hard drive. Anyone have the answer? Thanks!

Never mind. The answer was easy to figure out. FYI – if you Control-Click on an image in the GS template, a menu pops up which includes the option “Reveal in Finder.” Selecting that option reveals that GS apparently creates it’s own copy of the image and stores it in the directory ‘Application Support>>GarageSale>>AuctionImages’. Thanks anyway.