Local Pickup Problems GS 7.0.20

I am trying to sell a product using local pickup only. The issue is that whenever I select “local pickup” under shipping service I get the error “You must select at least one non-local shipping service for flat or calculated…”. Whenever I remove all shipping options (which works with my eBay motors posting) it says “at least one valid shipping service must be specified.”

My Payment profile is set to “Don’t use”.
My Returns profile is set to “Don’t use”.

How do I post a local pickup only auction?

As mentioned above, all of this works when an item is posted to eBay motors.

The local-pickup issue should be fixed in this version:

Ok, so the local-pickup issue is fixed, but now I get the error “a return policy is missing or not valid”. My Returns profile is set to “Don’t use”. I also clicked the button “update profiles” Still same error.

Is this an error (red icon), or warning (yellow icon)? If its the latter, you should be able to ignore it. If not, we need to investigate further.

It is a red error that states three times “A return policy is not specified” I have an uploaded screenshot. 09%20PM|1024x330

Can you export that listing and send it to me, please?

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