Logo not showing

I am attempting to make several templates using one of the built in templates as a starting point. Each template is based on the same built in template - Pro:Package. The heading portion has a div with a tan background and 3 elements. 1. Store name 2. store slogan 3 image.
I have a variety of images and slogans that I created to denote the various categories in my store. That is working just fine. The problem is that sometimes the store name shows when I assign a template to a listing and sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t know where is is breaking because there is no consistency. The same template will work sometimes and break others.When a listing doesn’t show the store name I have changed it to other variations and the name doesn’t show. If I change it to the built in variation it doesn’t show. When I change it to any other pro template the same thing happens. Not sure what is going on. Thanks for your help!

GarageSale can only insert the store name if it knows what store you have selected. It checks the “Store Category” menu in the “Options” Inpsector to gather the store name. So, if no store category is selected, no store name can be inserted.
Also, sometimes you have to reload the Preview after selecting a store category. (Switch to Editor mode, than back to Preview mode.)

Hope this helps,

Thank you!!! I have been struggling with this for a week. Such a simple answer and I didn’t see it. Again, thanks!