Long time GS6, GS7 user happy with GS8- Observations & Feature Requests

Followed the boards for some time and was beta testing GS8 but we postponed using it for the past year while the kinks were ironed out.

We have switched to using GS8 full-time for the past 2 weeks and are very happy with the interface. It is much more responsive and some of the new features are a great time saver:

  1. Ability to pull out & keep open Category, Attribute, Shipping & Other interface Windows- This feature is such a time saver since we can quickly change attributes or shipping options without clumsily clicking open these windows each time we select a new listing. Accidentally discovered this and was thrilled to see it as an option.
  2. SKU being located on the same Inspector window as the other Item parameters. Didn’t know we needed this here until I saw it at the bottom of the window. Nice to not have to click Advanced each time in order to change the SKU.
  3. Bulk edit/replace of text. This never worked on GS7 for us, but now it works great & is a helpful tool when you need to quickly edit 100+ listing titles.

Overall it’s a great job guys and we wanted to say thanks for the hard work.

Also not sure if the following is possible but these small tweaks/additions would be helpful for us:

  1. We typically crop photos for 4:3 & 1:1 and to increase the image size on ebay thumbnails. We typically edit 2-6 photos per listing. GS8 photo editing tool will remember your previous usage/adjustment for (“Noise Reduction, Hue, Color, etc) but what would also be helpful is for GS8 to remember “Crop Image” Settings that were recently used: meaning that when you double click an image to edit, that the crop sizing also opens using the same crop you used the last time you edited an image. Not sure if this is possible but it would be extremely helpful.

  2. Shipping Rate Table data from Ebay. We discussed this previously and it was mentioned to have a ticket for addition but the ability to select which rate table to use would be helpful as we would like to use multiple rate tables through Ebay. (your currently can select “use shipping rate table” but you cannot select which one to use.

  3. When exporting listings, would it be possible to also export the Group/Folder data from GS8? Specifically when you grab 100 listings that are divided into 5 groups/folders, only the listings & their data are exported. I wonder if there can also be an option to keep the folder data so that when you import these 100 listings, they aren’t just 100 listings, but instead are imported still grouped in their folders?

  4. “Bulk Find & Replace” works for listing titles but it does not work for Descriptions. Is this a know bug as the feature shows that it should work for the description section as well?

Anyways great job iwascoding team and we appreciate the hard work,

Regarding Image Editor:

Is it possible to make it so you can edit a photo and then have the option to save the edits and proceed to the “next” image in the listing? (possibly keeping the previous “edits” that were made in the “last” photo)

What we would love to have is the ability to navigate through image editing with more ease, as currently you need to edit a photo and then save the edit, and reopen the next image to edit that photo. Is it a possible feature to have the image editor as a permanent “window” as you have so cleverly done with “Attribute”, “Shipping” and the other pull out windows that you can keep “active” on screen? This would be immensely helpful to our workflow so I would love to hear what the developers think.

(attached shows a simple crop and how it would be great if the next photo kept the same crop dimensions)

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