Looking for a new way to manage my buried active listings

I have been thinking about the auto-delete and restart feature of GS for months and realized I no longer can afford to use only GTC listings. My listings are burying in eBay and day after day a decreasing % of old listings goes sold.
I don’t want to waste money for promoted listings, eBay obligates you to use them if you want to sell old items. So I am looking for an automated solution that closes and relists automatically all my listings (now about 18.500 live). I don’t want to leave GS since I think there are not many other solution as fast as it to create and manage listings, so I have two solution in front of me:

  1. buying a new Mac (I was thinking about a new Mac mini) and leave it 24/24H running in my office with GS always working closing and relisting;
  2. using an external web-based solution in which I will import listings created in GS and which will work to close and relist my listings.

For “working-habit” reasons I would opt for the first solution, but since I cannot afford on synching for such a work flow, it means that in my MacBook Pro I will have a different (maybe empty) database from the Mac mini one. I will use my laptop only for creating listings and for managing orders. This implicates some problems:

  • first, if the main database is managed on an always-running Mac, database in my MacBook Pro won’t have active listings in it (since they are ended and restarted every 30 days on the other mac). So managing orders might be problematic. GS does not download items’ images into orders, it takes them from listings in the database. But if the listing is not into the database, GS order won’t show images for sold items. This might be a problem.
  • second, I need to rely on the always-running machine. It won’t be always connected to a monitor, GS must be always on and I won’t discover fast if something went wrong like crashes or other issues. Might GS support such a workflow for 24/24H every day?
  • third, if I opt for second solution (a web-based solution), I need to export listings from GS and import into the web to start them. As far as I know, it is not possible to export listings from GS, except using GS extension. So I really don’t know how I could do that…

I hope GS team could clear up my doubts. I need to turn over my thousands of buried listings and I am looking for other solutions than promoted listings, if possible. Also I would be very grateful for any other users experience to share!

Thank in advance for any help

Any tip about this? Maybe @ilja could you give me any idea about my three doubts?

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