Looking up product

Is anyone else having trouble looking up a product using the inspector?

I rarely seem to find any products using it unless I search for something so generic it returns about 300 results.

For example:

On eBay there are a load of the following item ‘BT BROADBAND EXTENDER 500 KIT’

If I search for that by clicking the magnifying glass icon next to ‘Product’ on the ‘Options’ tab of the inspector. I get zero results. If I search for ‘BT BROADBAND EXTENDER 500’ I get zero results. If I search for ‘BT BROADBAND EXTENDER’ I get zero results. If I search for ‘BT BROADBAND’ I get two results about books about the history of the internet in Ireland!! Am I missing something?

Also, I have tried using the barcode reader also on this pop down screen. The image is B&W, reversed, and never seems to read any barcodes. Does this feature work?

Sorry if I appear like I am just bashing this software. Not my intention but so far it just seems to be slower than using bays interface :frowning:

Mine reads barcodes very well. If it doesn’t have a barcode I can’t always find things in the search either. Not everything is in the product catalog. I have listed products before that I couldn’t find only to get a notice from ebay to use it after I had tried without success to find it.